Yeah, Filming actually IS hard

-I was the guy who always thought filming was easy. What’s so hard about pointing a camera at some characters reading lines in a room right?

-When you start making films like me and when you get feedback and that feedback makes you see mistakes you did not previously see, that is when you realize just how difficult filming really is. The entire time your’re just trying to get it right while balancing out managing a cast and crew who have lots of questions. You’re trying to answer their questions while simultaneously trying to answer your own. Its quite a unique experience and I think that is why film-making as a whole is so difficult. I love challenges though, which is why I cannot get enough of it. Sometimes when I do things I lose interest because I reach their limit–I can learn nothing new–but with filming, I always learn something new each time I schedule a film shoot, direct the scene, and watch the final film at a screening.

-Why is filming so hard? 1. You’re trying to make everything in the script or your script work–not just come to life, but actually work practically. Often, even when filming a simple dialogue scene you begin to realize that some of the lines you wrote either do not make sense or just do not sound as natural as you imagined them being played out in your head. 2. Action scenes are radically confusing when actually trying to pull them off in reality. You have one ultimate vision of how you wanted that action scene to go in your head and the entire time you’re just forgetting about as you attempt to make it work practically. Going around all these obstacles, the heat beating on you if you’re outside, and just hoping just one thing will go the way you planned it–except you’ve forgotten the original plan you had when you were writing it all out. 3. Scheduling often gets postponed due to minor things–work, change of actor’s plans, loss of energy. 4. Not having pre-knowledge for how a scene or your film as a whole will turn out. You cannot predict how everything will go or whether certain scenes you thought would be amazing will ultimately become deleted scenes. The worst part is when you get to that wrap up in filming where it is too late to change anything and editing won’t fix much. You see something wrong in a scene that you know other people will notice, but what can you do? Reshoot an entire sequence? Further delay that hoped for release date? Go through the trouble to get your actors back in the mood to re-do an entire scene you were all relieved to get over with? Or when it’s at that point when the film has already been released and you just now notice a mistake. What do you do, refilm and then re-release then entire film for one simple mistake?

Anyone who says filming is easy has either been doing forever or have never made a film.

-Steal Adcock


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