The Dark Knight, not forgotten

The Dark Knight is one of my favorite films because I can still watch it again to this day and be entertained. There is something about this film that just hit on every level in the right way. This film is almost a decade old and it still feels up to date.

The music by Hans Zimmer is nostalgic and intense when it needs to be. The tune for the joker strikes hard and is memorable for its great tension effects.

What makes this film stand out from the standard superhero movies is that this film uses the formal approach to cinematography which uses dark and de-saturated filters and subtle lighting to create a realistic atmosphere. While some superhero films now try to use this approach, they do not have the same quality that The Dark Knight brings.

This is all not to mention Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as the Joker. The Joker made this film. This film is edgy but also intelligent without being rated R. Usually, if one hopes to find a decent sophisticated film with edgy themes, they will only find R-rated movies, but this film proves that movies do not have to have an R-rating to tell realistic and thought-provoking stories.

This is the first film that really tests the hero in psychological ways because Batman in this film actually holds responsibility for many deaths and he comes to the tough decision: turn himself in or let the joker kill more people.

This film takes the crimes of the joker very seriously–he is basically a serial killer that the cops are desperate to find–he kills a lot of people and threatens to kill many more. Does this sound like an average superhero movie to you?

This is exactly why this film stands out to me. It takes strong risks and is not afraid to be smart. Christopher Nolan made a masterpiece here. If you watch his other films, you will not be surprised that The Dark Knight challenged the superhero genre.


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