Throwback Friday

Over 5 years ago at least, when we attempted to combine Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the Jigsaw Killer into one mess of an incomplete film! Crazy times, that Freddy make-up took 2-3 hours to get right, sometimes for scenes less than 5 minutes long.

No regrets though, it was a learning experience. I found out I was allergic to liquid latex after getting more pimples than I already had, along with incessant itching. Back then, these things were fun and cool, now when we watch the film we have a good laugh at the over-dramatization of it all. But still, I do recall trying to actually make these usual slasher killers more human by adding emotional backgrounds to their characters to make them ‘seemingly innocent’ to change things up, but it didn’t quite work out how I envisioned.


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