Inception: Misinterpreted Confusion


There are people who liked the film Inception, Directed by Christopher Nolan, and there are people who did not like Inception because they said it was too confusing. Yet, it may be entirely possible that Inception is such a complex film that it comes off as possibly unstructured confusion, when in actuality, this film has a well-planned out structure, toying with huge concepts such as time differences and dream within dream paradoxes.

I realized that at first I did not like this film because I did not understand what was going on and I perceived this as poor storytelling, however as I watched the film again I started to pick up on things I did not notice the first time. As I watched this film again and again over a few years, I realized that the more I watched this film, the more little details I would find and the more I would understand.

Inception is an entertaining action film, yet it is also a drama and philosophical/psychological dive into the ideas of dreaming and how relativity affects our individual perceptions. Advice: watch this film again, and if you still do not like it, watch it one more time..


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