Daredevil: The Netflix Series

Among my favorite TV Shows, Netflix’s Daredevil really blew me away with how genuine it was in portraying the characters and conflicts they face.

A villain can make or break a story, and the way Kingpin was portrayed in Daredevil made him a real person with his own believable goals. The character motivations were strong throughout because nearly every character in this show was fleshed out with goals of their own. Each character served a purpose.

The beauty of TV shows is that the audience gets the opportunity to get to know each of the characters on deeper levels than in the limited time intervals of films. This show not only blew me away with character development, but also with how serious the violence was.

The dialogue was sophisticated and when humor became involved, it was not cheap humor . Even the action scenes were amazing because of the way some of them were shot. Some fight scenes were entirely captured in one continuous shot, the camera moving around the action in a dynamic way (like The Revenant).

Overall, dynamic characters, interesting action, well done cinematography, dark lighting styles, and a story that involves such a different combination of things, that it does not feel like an old remake of what we’ve all already seen. A story about a blind vigilante lawyer can get interesting really fast if handled the right way, as was done in this show.


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