My Take on “Captain America: Civil War” Film by Marvel Studios and Disney

Going into this film, I expected another CGI filled and cliched action-packed with campy jokes thrown in, marvel film.

I was surprised by the opening scenes.

Not only did the opening action sequence remind me of The Dark Night, but it felt well-paced and as a result it kept my attention throughout. As a matter of fact, this entire film kept my attention.

Back in the hey days, I liked marvel films a lot (mostly Sam Rami’s Spiderman films and Iron Man), but as they progressed, I noticed an increase in CGI and colors with jokes and a decrease in grittiness, which turned me off to them for a while.

Captain America: Civil War may not be as dark as Batman Vs. Superman, but what surprised me is that because Captain America: Civil War had great character development and motivations along with intense gritty action sequences, this film was superior to Batman Vs. Superman.

This film felt more developed, like it actually knew what it was doing and more. It’s like the snobby know-it-all that’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s that simple.’ Great intro for Spiderman and a greater Spiderman by Tom Holland who actually looks the age Peter should be.

What surprised me most however, was how serious these directors took the characters and situations that these characters were placed in. So much so that this film did not feel like a ‘marvel film’, but rather a mature film that is still able to have dark content and ideas, while entertaining and providing a light tone.

It’s weird because it seems like this would not work, but I swear I have no idea why I ended up really liking this film. It goes next to The Dark Knight for me.


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