Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 08


Peter Parker

RM 201

Midtown High

January 27, 2009

English III Project Due Thurs./Fri.

-Write at least 5 journal entries about your life

-Each entry must be at least 5 sentences

-Include dates/Name/etc.

1.) Jan. 27, 2009: This world is not what I had always thought it was. People kill, murder and destroy for no reason. They do it so much, they become numb and kill someone you care about most. Why?! Over the past few days, I’ve come to learn…the truth about society.

1). Jan. 29, 2009: Responsibility was the last thing he said to me, before he was taken. Today was his funeral; had to skip school to attend. He was not only my uncle, but he was also a father, a friend to me. And I still don’t understand why he had to go now, right when life seemed easier, it got worse again.

2). Feb. 1, 2009: It hasn’t been easy for me or May, adjusting to this abrupt change. Especially now that she’s going into debt. Uncle Ben, before, had always paid more than half the bills. May is too old to work now. I don’t know what to do…

NOTE: Stanley’s Boxing Ring

10:00 AM

Friday Feb. 11th

$1,500 Award



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