Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 09

3). Feb. 4, 2009:

Finally found a solution. Hopefully now things can get better. They really need to; I saw Aunt May looking through apartments in a magazine. I really need this money, hopefully I can win it, for May.

4). Feb. 12, 2009

Got the money! $1,500! And got a new job offer for a reality show on FX. Life is getting much better now, my audition for the show is tomorrow. I should be able to make it, I have something in store for them that I’ve been working on.

5). Feb. 25, 2009

Got fired from my job today. The producers didn’t see any ratings. The money I made went missing, so all of it was for nothing. I’d do anything to get it back, if only

6). Feb. 27, 2009

Ran into my uncle’s killer, recognized him by his wrist tattoo and blonde hair. I should have turned him in, but I didn’t…found a way to make money…



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