Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 11

FX Studios meeting Feb. 13th

JE 001: Getting real desperate for money now. After getting fired from FX and then losing all my money, Aunt May has now gone further into debt. I need to stay low, and I need to find a way, I need to.

JE 002: Found a way to get the money for May. Just robbed convenient store, got $115, still need more, Don’t know why, I just there’s just no other way.

JE 003: Just found out who took my money. It was announced on the radio. Chris Gordon, 38, male, the man who murdered my father uncle. He’s a fugitive, just got out of prison, must find him. For Ben.

JE 005: Took my uncle’s old Vietnam uniform; pair of goggles, trenchcoat, and aviator hat. Decided I need a mask, no one can know what I’m doing, especially my loved ones.

JE 006: First night out. A lot of gangs dealing drugs, and mob bosses plotting murders. No sign of the murderer yet. Still searching.


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