Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 13


JE 007: Still searching the streets, wondering if I’ll ever find the fugitive. Stopped some gangs dealing drugs. Got a few cuts, fortunately no stab wounds.

JE 008: Discovered a gang last night. Knocked out 4 of them, got grazed by a bullet on my left shoulder, minor wound. The others had switchblades; the one firing the gun I ‘tied’ up. He told me they were a mob gang hired by this guy they call Kingpin. Maybe he knows.

JE 009: They told me I could find him dealing in the backstreets near Oscorp. Never found him.

JE 010: I’m not gathering my money back anytime soon, so I took some tips from convenience stores. Its the only way.

JE 011: Ran into the killer after running from another store. Shoved him in an alley, he kept asking who I was and pulled a gun on me. So I pulled out mine. Shot his hand, pushed his gun to the side. Pushed him to the wall, cocking my revolver to his neck. But that look in his eyes as I asked for my money, it was not what I had expected.

JE 012: Didn’t feel better after his death, only worse. Got the money, the revenge, but it seems nothing has changed. Ben would be disappointed, he would tell me how important responsibility is. That’s the last thing he told me, “great power brings great responsibility.” And I haven’t done that.


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