Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 22

SE 017: This new suit design works quite well. Not much activity on the streets lately, no robbing banks, stores, or ATMs; mostly just gang activity. But even that has died down now that I got most of Kingpin’s men in prison.

SE 018: Still not much activity tonight. Nothing more to really do, already filmed my uncle’s killer, arrested. Not sure what to do anymore.

SE 019: I wanted more action, and I got it. Apparently I’m a wanted fugitive now, the cops have been called on me all week, nearly every night now. I see wanted posters with my face littering the streets of New York and I think, this wasn’t what I was meant to be. I was supposed to be a symbol, not a criminal.

SE 020: The cops are getting serious, now they’re having SWAT teams shoot at me.

SE 021: There’s a new face in town, similar to me. Accept he’s fighting only for himself. They told me, the gangs, that he wears other people’s faces. Calls himself Chameleon.




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