Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 23

SE 022: Just found out the chameleon has imitated me, robbing banks, wearing my costume. That explains the cops and rotting wanted posters. I need to find him, I cannot let him ruin my image. But how could I possibly find a man who constantly changes his identity.

SE 023: Met this girl at the High School. Her name is Gwen Stacy, was her at the field trip a ways back, now she asked me to have dinner with her and her parents. This wasn’t the first time we spoke to eachother. Hope it all goes well.

SE 024: Dinner was fine at first, until I found out her dad is a police captain. I tried explaining how spider-man is trying to help the police, not attack them, but he wouldn’t listen. Later, I told Gwen who I really was and we kissed. All went well, except her father. Not sure about him.

SE 025: Still tracking down Chameleon, still getting blamed by cops. Even Aunt May believes it. Been interrogating gangs and mob bosses, they all say they fear him, and how he steal’s faces. Starting to assume he’s a psychopath, maybe serial killer. I mean he has murdered every owner he’s robbed in my identity.



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