Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 24

JE 026: Finally got a glimpse of what chameleon looks like on security camera footage.

The mask he had on was ripped off revealing another underneath

He was wearing some kind of white mask

What is he hiding?

JE 027: Gwen and I talk a lot more now, I think we’re officially in a relationship now. Life is getting much better. I took her for a swing through N.Y.

JE 028: This vigilante (what they call me in the Daily Bugle) thing is getting in the way now. Now I’m late to class and my grades are on the edge. Not sure what’s more important anymore.

JE 029: Went to the prison today. Concealed my face best I could as I talked with Kingpin. He nearly broke the glass barrier when he found out who I was. It took a while, but soon I got answers.

*256 Broonsbrick St. Alley, Chameleon’s hideaway.



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