Project Spiderman: Peter’s Journal Entry 25


JE 030: The stench of the place was almost nauseating, found several rotting bodies in the basement. Also found faces of his victims on mannequins. This is a lot more than I thought I was getting into. He’s a serial killer, and psychopath, no other explanation. I left almost as soon as entering. I need to do something, this cannot continue, not in my city, not in New York.

JE 031: Tried convincing Captain Stacy at the police station, but he was more concerned about me being in school than anything else. He didn’t understand where I got this information. Guess I’ll have to do it myself.

JE 032: Caught Chameleon leaving, pushing him against the wall, confronted him face to face. I kept asking why he did what he did, and he kept telling me “because I need to…” Left him ‘webbed’ up for the cops to pick him up.



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