Fun Film Fact – Project Spiderman

In the film Project Spiderman, I had really wanted Jacob to get into Norman’s character at a very intimate level. I gave Jacob homework or researching patients with Schizophrenia to study for his role.


On the first film shoot with Norman’s character, I gave Jacob a speech about his character and kept pushing him to believe that he was not Jacob, he was Norman. I talked to him as a if he were Norman and had him sit down at his dining room table to get into character for 10 minutes.


The results were that Jacob gave an insane performance I had never seen him do before and recently Jacob has told me that when he thinks back, he can’t remember what happened in his garage when he was acting out his Norman scenes.


Check out his performance for yourself:

And you know what really makes me mad? I really like Norman’s character in this film, but the way it was filmed with shots that took forever to cut, bad filters, and some poorly written dialogue, makes this film harder to watch due to all my inexperiences in these matters at the time. I really want to make another film/short film revisiting Norman’s character because I think there was something there with his character; a few things just needed to be tweaked.
Maybe someday.



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