Project Spiderman: Peter Parker’s Journal Entry 26

JE033: Senior year in highschool; can’t believe it. Gwen and I have already been on like 7 dates; and her father has even grown to respect me. Not much trouble anymore on the streets. Gangs are becoming more scarce.

JE 034: Flash Thompson, never expected him to start a Spiderman fan club. Out of all people, I mean he doesn’t respect me, but he respects my other side.

JE 035: Been needing money for May lately and I may now finally have a chance; theres an internship for Oscorp open to students in college. Im sure I could pass on through.

JE 036: Went to Oscorp and met Dr. Connors, also found Gwen working there. Found out Connors knew my parents. He told me they were on to something big, that could change the world; but they were killed along with the information. Now Connors continues to figure out what that info was.

JE 037: Today Connors introduced me to an old friend, Dr. Otto Octavius, a nuclear physicist, working on mechanical arms to make his job safer/more effective. I can tell he’s had many failures by the look in his eyes.

JE 038: Still not much activity in the streets lately. Not after Chameleon was arrested, and put to death.


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