Project Spiderman: Peter Parker’s Journal Entry 28

JE 041: Been a few months now, since I quit. Gwen and I still together, the internship is going well at Oscorp. And my grades have been better than ever. Best thing is that all the gangs are still gone. 

JE 42: School year’s already coming to an end now, ready to graduate and become a photographer.

JE 43: Dr. Connors seemed off today, like something broke his spirit. He told me he nearly lost his job and how he has to have this growth hormone ready by Friday.

JE 44: He’s dead. My friend, my mentor, died Friday night in his sleep. The paramedics still don’t know the cause, but I sure as hell do. Need to confront the boss of Oscorp about this.

JE 45: Norman Osbourne killed Connors, he drove him over the edge. I talked, confronted him at his desk, threatened to sue, and was fired. My internship and money for May taken for Connors death.

Meet at N.Y. Courthouse

May 25, Thursday


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