Project Spiderman: Peter Parker’s Journal Entry 30

JE50: Glad I gave up the old life, this new life is getting better. Making good money from the Daily Bugle, helping May pay off the debts. 

JE51: Going to a university now, apparently May had been saving up along with a scholarship. College life isn’t as bad as they say, the professors are actually respectable.

JE52: Saw Norman in the streets today with horrible aftershave and greasy clothes. He pushed by me angrily. Very uncommon. 

JE53: Met his son, Harry Osbourne at the college today. Guess he knows too

JE54: Considering popping the question to Gwen soon. Just feel like the time is right, our relationship needs to move stronger. Already got a ring for her.

JE55: It went really well, Gwen and I are now engaged and plan to marry soon. Aunt May couldn’t be more proud.

JE56: Just heard today that Flint Marko was arrested. That’s the guy who shot me at the robbery years back. Glad he’s behind bars now, makes the world safer. 


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