Project Spiderman: Peter Parker’s Journal Entry 31

JE57: Talked with Harry today; he said his father’s on drugs, said he lost it because of me. I told him how he killed Connors, but he wouldn’t have it. 

JE58: Jameson has been asking about the vigilante and where he’s been. He told me having Spiderman printed brought ratings higher than ever. That means more pay for me, might consider going back. 

JE59: In two weeks I marry Gwen, the love of my life. The only one who knows what I used to be, what I can become in the streets of New York.

JE60: Lately there’s been many sightings of some sort of flying creature with blackened smoke trails. Probably nothing, just people getting excited over a bird or something.

JE61: Wedding’s this Friday, finally gonna be a man. The bachelorette party was fun, until I ran into Harry. He was drunk, babbling on about his father again and how he knows who I am. Had to take him outside, he was too loud. He explained how his father is gonna kill me and my family. I need to be careful, even though he could have just made it up from being intoxicated.

JE62: No sign of Osbourne, thankfully, or Harry. But there have been several videos posted to YouTube of sightings of a “Flying Goblin” above New York.


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