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Getting Plethora put together. Only 2 more scenes left to film. A lot of footage to set the tone for.


Solipsism Screened at Vtxiff

Had a great time at Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival 2018, where they screened my film, Solipsism, and I got to do Q&A. Overall, great time and positive reactions.

Plethora Trailer RELEASED!

James, a police investigator fighting inner demons, is working with an investigator and his friend, Patrick, to solve a series of murders in which body parts of the victims are missing. Patrick can tell something is bothering James throughout the investigation, but James refuses to say anything as he slowly mentally unravels. The killer knows them personally, but they don’t know why.

Film Festival Project IV:

HandintheBoxinc. NEW COMPILATION 2018!

New Compilation off all our Short and Full-length Films we’ve completed over the past 13 Years Now. Featuring Solipsism, Fallout Regression, Loves Death, True Love Story, Project Spiderman, Fallout, Captain America Begins, and more….

Check it out Below: