New Christmas Break Vlog

What we did over the break.


Plethora Synopsis Released

Plethora, synopsis:
James, a police investigator fighting inner demons, is working with an investigator and his friend, Patrick, to solve a series of murders in which body parts of the victims are missing. Patrick can tell something is bothering James throughout the investigation, but James refuses to say anything as he slowly mentally unravels. The killer knows them personally, but they don’t know why.
Film festival Project IV

Motion 5 – A New World of Possibilities

We recently added Motion 5 to our bundle of programs and now we’ve just opened a door to another dimension of possibilities. Now we can do tracking, 3-d objects, camera projection, and other special effects that limited the stories we could tell before.

The video below shows you a hint of what we can do now with this program: (Credit to Simon Ubsdell for the video)

We got the camera projection technique down, now it’s time to expand.

Bloopers Loves Death

Here’s the first half of Bloopers for our film, Loves Death:

The 2nd half of the Bloopers are below:

Avery became suicidal after his girlfriend, Jasmine, committed suicide three months ago. In his Sophomore year of college, he is befriended by a student who calls himself John and after returning to his dorm, his roommate, Brady, tells him a painful truth about John that changes Avery’s perspective on Jasmine’s death and makes Avery question whether Jasmine killed herself or someone else killed her. When Avery looks closer at his copy of Jasmine’s suicide letter, he finds some rather disturbing revelations.

Film Festival Project II

Main Website:…

Written and Directed By: Steal Adcock

Original Screenplay By: Steal Adcock

Avery: Ryan

Jasmine: Brenda

Brady: Jose

John: Maalik

Professor: Pedro

Law Student: Kevin

Police Investigator: Steal Adcock

A HandintheBoxinc. Production

Suicide Awareness

Bloopers for True Love Story

After 3 years, I finally got around to extracting some bloopers and extra unused footage from our film, True Love Story. The first film festival project.

Richter, a freshman at a University, goes through a tough break-up with his first girlfriend from a long-distance relationship. Christie, a freshman, has just broken out of a relationship with Joseph. With the influences of his roommate, and old friends, Richter jumps into a relationship with Christie after she gives him a Love Letter. In hopes of curing his bitter depression, Richter unknowingly finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life. After a few weeks however, Christie friend-zones Richter and he must learn to cope with this new-found heart break in order to discover who he really is. This story studies what Love can truly make a man do or become, whether it be family love or true love with a stranger.