Character Bios

All in Alphabetical Order in terms of the first names due to the fact that not all characters have last names. Some characters are adapted from pre-existing characters, and some are original characters created by Steal Adcock. All original characters are labeled as so. All characters told in the first person are fictitious.

Avery: (Original Character from Loves Death Script)

12308098_965703873522499_8711169129831048063_o (1)

Avery is a Sophomore at St. Mary’s University who is suicidal after the supposed suicide of his girlfriend, Jasmine. Avery is not convinced that Jasmine killed herself and he starts developing accusations to John Goodman, Jasmine’s ex. His anger and depression gives him headaches so he relies on his bottle of Ibuprofen, the same one he contemplates his life on.

Ben Parker:

Ben and Peter

They say I have a good sense of humor for an old Vietnam veteran. I guess I took after Captain Rogers on that one, but I just like to keep Peter happy, cause right now that’s what he needs. He also needs to learn to be more responsible. I keep telling him he needs to call us when he goes somewhere or he knows he’s gonna be late, but I don’t know, he just doesn’t get it yet. Some day when he has kids of his own, I’m sure he will.

Bruce: (Original character, from Solipsism script)

I’m currently attending graduate school to earn my Ph.D. in Physics, a subject area I have been fascinated by since I was in eighth grade. My girlfriend’s name is Alisa and my roommate, Stan, has been getting me into lucid dreaming, something I want to experience really badly.

Calista: (Original, from Cold War script–character concept/idea from Billy York)

A teenage girl in high school who is a weak character whom, after hearing about a second cold war in the U.S. where nuclear missiles are hitting the states every other day, she quickly falls in love with Martin, a boy she meets at a dance, for the world is coming to an end and she is terrified of dying without experiencing love.

Captain George Stacy:

Captain Stacy Arrests Chameleon

I use regulations and codes of honor as my daily motivation, and as Police Captain of the NYPD, I always stay true to what’s right, until the death of my only daughter.


Chameleon's Face

One of the sickest psychopaths in New York. Accused of murder, rape, and torture. The nickname originates from the rumors that he steal’s people’s faces to make himself ‘beautiful’, for he resents the ones who judged him, and admires the deformed and crippled.

Christie: (Original, from Techman)

A normal high school teenage girl with hormones and a deceased father who died right in front of her at an early age. In between popular and unpopular, she finds herself falling in love with Joseph, who takes her to the valentine’s dance and later stops two school shootings committed by Jason Benehu.

Christie: (Original, from True Love Story)

Christie Stressed

A traditional catholic girl who attends a university with Richter, her major being that of theology in hopes of becoming a canon lawyer. She begins to develop an interest in Richter after she breaks up with her boyfriend due to dissimilar interest and beliefs, so she writes Richter a love letter. However, she wants to take the relationship slow and steady so she can give Richter an open and fair heart, but Richter does not see this until after she breaks up with him for his immaturity.


Dan - The Vault Dweller

I am a young and sheltered vault 101 dweller who has escaped the vault in search of my father, whom is know to be associated with project purity.

Dum Dum Dugan:

Dum Dum Dugan

As a former World War I veteran, I have also led men in WWII and served with Steve Rogers and immediately I saw his potential, so I convinced the head of marines to rank him up to Captain. People often say I use a lot of dry humor and old timer metaphors, but I say, I just like to lighten the mood, cause these times of war is tough. Keeps you sane.

Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson:

Spiderman Fan Club

This is stupid. I take abuse everyday from my failed cop, drunk father, Harrison Thompson. My counselor tells me I tend to take my anger from the abuse out on everyone else to make the pain subside. I hate Peter’s uncle more than I hate Peter, because maybe if Peter’s uncle didn’t fire my father for some stupid magazines, he wouldn’t beat me, maybe he wouldn’t get so drunk all the time. I don’t hold back on grudges anymore, and as my life progressed with the low grades I had, I figured my only way to survive the economy was to be a U.S. marine, so I did.


Flagface 2

I’m methodical, I’m unpredictable, and I am a traitor to the U.S. Although my name remains withheld, many have come to call me Flagface due to the ironic make-up of the American flag on my face. Not always against America, I was once a U.S. soldier who fought on Omaha Beach in WWII alongside Steve Rogers. During the battle of Normandy, I was left behind, begging for help from a confused captain, and I found myself surrendering to the Nazis who willingly took me under the wing of Adolf Hitler. The American flag stains my face to remind me and every other American of who I once was before. I do not consider myself a Nazi, or a traitor, just a man fighting for a better cause.

Frank Castle:Punisher

I grew up in a normal middle-class home. We weren’t rich, but we weren’t struggling much either. I never knew my mother, but after she passed my father went down a bad path for a time. Later he turned to God for help and became a Catholic priest. After I left home I realized that the real world catches up with you pretty quick outta high school and I ended up with a fast food job and grew up in apartments for a year or two, paid my rent, but later I decided to try it a different way. I went out and grew up on the streets to see if I could handle it, and I found myself pretending to be a drug dealer so I could bust the real ones. Since I use a bat to break the same number of bones as the number of sins each of my victims commit, they’ve come to calling me the Punisher.

Gwen Stacy:

Gwen Stacy

I am a young teenage girl in high school competing for the the top ten percent of my class. My father is a police captain and I don’t remember much of mother because she passed when I was really young.

Harry Osbourne:

Harry Osbourne

I’m the son of Norman Osbourne, and am a struggling college student with a resentful father. I blame Peter for my father’s downfall, but I also have the ability to forgive. Eventually I did forgive Peter, and we became good friends, even till the point of death.

Jason Benehu: (Original, from Techman)

Jason grew up as a popular outcast with a fair group of friends, his two closest friends being Anthony Garcia and Manuel Gonzales. He gets in trouble at school often and works at Benny’s car repair shop, but after dropping spark plugs in a car without using gloves, the sparks flare up and the electricity jolts his brain. After coming to in the ICU he finds himself deformed, the doctors acknowledging that he may have slight brain damage. As it turns out, Jason’s brain damage is his emotional region associated with empathy, and once that is gone along with most of his friends and only girlfriend, the feeling of being invisible now at his school overwhelms him, and he commences to go on three shooting sprees at his high school.

John Goodman: (Original, From Loves Death)

John is a Sophomore at St. Mary’s University who is a Psychology Major. He was previously in a relationship with Jasmine until she committed suicide. It has been heard that John was very aggressive and abused Jasmine while in the relationship by pushing her around.

Joseph: (Original character, from Techman)

A normal high school teenager who finds himself falling for a girl and stopping two school shootings by Jason Benehu and attempting to stop the third only to be seriously injured. He is well respected by the cops for his noble acts and is considered the hero of his school, but all he cares about is his new found love, Christie.

Kyle: (Original, from Vigilante script)

I have an obsession with helping people, but I don’t consider myself a hero like the public does. I don’t do what I do for the fame, I do it because I feel compelled to, as if that bystander effect was broken in me long ago, and now there’s no going back to the old life. This sick world could use hope every once in a while, I learned that when I saved my wife from a twisted rapist. I never took what I did for granted ever again after that experience. She left an impact on me, her name is Jennifer.

Mac Gargan:

Mac Gargan

I grew up in the ghetto streets of New York, so, being desperate for money, I accepted the job of a hired gun for local mob boss, Hammerhead. I got enough money as an assassin to rent a cheap apartment where I smoked crack and often times, hid the bodies. I was hired to kill ‘The Spiderman’ when word got out about him on the streets.

Martin: (Original character, from Cold War script–Idea/character concept from Billy York)

A strong willed high schooler who ends up falling in love with a girl at a dance after bombs go off in their area. Upon the announcement of a second cold war in the U.S. with nuclear missiles hitting every other day, Martin falls deeply in love with Calista because the world as he knows it is ending, and he does not want to die alone with regrets.

May Parker:

May Consults Peter

I’m old fashioned, so I like to keep things in order around the house in a decent fashion. I also want my son, Peter, to be happy with whatever he chooses to do in his life. My only weakness is a weak heart, the doctors tell me I have to be careful about my stress level, but I’ve only noticed this after Ben passed. I wish Ben were still here. I still recall the time he stopped me from marrying a thief, and the times I had to calm him when he’d have them dreadful nightmares about ‘Nam.

Michael: (Original Character, from Fallout–ideas/concepts of Fallout belong to Bethesda/Obsidian however)

Michael - The Bounty Hunter

I was a bounty hunter because I only owned one bottle cap, the currency of the Wasteland in this fallout, the one around my neck, the one bottle cap I will never give up for anything because my father gave it to me right before he departed for the Nuclear War where he was later killed in action. I worked for a mob boss as a bounty hunter to earn caps so that I could spend them for my own personal survival, but I did not like the job.

Norman Osbourne:

Norman Osbourne

I was the CEO of Oscorp Industries. When I was classified as a paranoid schizophrenic, my greatest fear of all the fears I had, was losing the company I built up, especially due to the fact that my father’s company failed before me. Even after causing the suicidal homicide of Dr. Curtis Connors, I still believe that if you fail hard trying, you can just try harder a second time. Prison time and drug addiction only worsened my condition.

Peter Parker:

Peter Hurt

My parents abandoned me as a baby and never came back. I don’t even know if they’re alive or dead. I was raised by my aunt and uncle. Life seems tough. Growing up through my awkward teenage years. Trying to find a girlfriend. Trying to make new friends to survive the social agenda. Trying to be accepted. My life seemed to go low as I was forced to cope with my uncle’s death, and the ordeal I still face every waking day. Was I responsible for the death of my girlfriend?

Quintin Beck:

Quintin Beck

I was born in Hollywood and raised by movie stars who had several divorces. I made films as a kid to take my mind off this. I became a heavy smoker and an actor, but my career failed and after losing my job, I came to New York City after hearing about ‘The Spiderman’ and that whoever captures him or obtains photos of him, will be paid decently. So I got a job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer. I learned I have lung cancer, went into a depressive state, and quit the Bugle. I was tired of wheeling the oxygen tank with me, so I attached it to my back along with a dome on my head to keep the sweet high of oxygen in my face. Desperate for money, I donned a purple cape to hide my oxygen tank, and commenced to rob banks and protest against the Daily Bugle.

Razer: (Original Character, from Fallout 2–Fallout Ideas/concepts belong to Bethesda/Obsidian however)


A psycho whose goal in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is to end all human suffering by killing every last human on earth, his trademark being slitting their throats.

Richter: (Original, from True Love Stroy)

Richter Checking Grades

With a past consisting of an unlucky love life, I was not very experienced when it came to maintaining, starting, or doing the right things in romantic relationships, so when I came across a girl who wrote a love letter to me, it caught me off guard and made me jump into a relationship without being cautious. I am attending a university with a major in Biology and a passion for film-making.


Herman Shultz

I was hired by the mob boss, Hammerhead, and I deal in drug trafficking as well as illegal pirating and bootlegging. I use a mask and fedora to intimidate my enemies and use enhanced tasers I stole from two cops I killed, for defense.

Stan: (Original character, from Solipsism script)

I find the study of lucid dreaming and astral projection fascinating and the more I discover about lucid dreams, the more I realize that dreams are more connected to reality than most people think. I’m currently trying to prove that there is a direct connection between the dream world and the real world for my dissertation for graduate school, and what I’ve found so far is beyond what I thought it would be. I’m talking about higher dimensions.

Steve Rogers:

The Captain: Omaha Beach

After escaping the wretched Ravensbrook Concentration Camp where I was experimented on, I fled back to my home in the U.S. with a growing grudge against the Nazis who tortured me like an animal. The only way I knew how to seek vengeance was to join the U.S. marines during World War II, so that I could kill every last Nazi and prevent them from harming any other innocent people. Ironically, due to the Nazis experiments, I quickly moved up to the rank of Captain as my enhanced ‘super-soldier’ abilities aided me.

Terrance: (Original Character, from Punisher script–ideas/concepts belong to Marvel however)

Terrance's Trailer House

I’m a meth addict, pedophile, rapist, serial killer who deals meth through Frank Castle and spends most of my days in the isolation and filth of my trailer house in the neighborhood slums where I grew up with my grand parents.

Terri: (Original, from Wally World script)

I’m a freshman at a university out of town. I often use my knowledge of psychology and philosophy, as well as his interest in criminology to convey my opinions about humanity to my best friend, Jake, on our fishing trips. Right now I’m trying to help Jake get over a recent break up. I keep telling him I thought I would never find love after three relationships ending for me, but because of my current girlfriend, I believe love can be found once more. I work at the local Walmart, where a horrible event changed my life forever, an event that put me in a ten year coma.

Trevor Fernando: (Original Character, from Project Spiderman script–ideas/topics belong to Marvel however)

Trevor Fernando Drug Bust

I’m a drug trafficker in New York city. They say I’m too young, but I say I’m not young enough. I should’ve started this business a long time ago. One thing I hate more than anything though, is under cover cops, cause my father’s business was shut down by one of em’, and I had to be the one to bring it back. Now I’m taking shipments of the blue stuff from Albuquerque.