Original Scripts

Synopsis’ For All Original Scripts Written By Steal Adcock:(HandintheBoxinc, All Scripts Written By and Belong to: Steal L. Adcock Copyright © 2015)


Stan, a college graduate, is working on his dissertation to prove, with deja vu dreaming and astral projection studies, that dreams have a very real connection to our physical realm. Bruce, a graduate physicist in his first year of graduate school, keeps Stan in check after he orders new off-brand sleeping pills that induce longer lucid dreams. Through the use of these new experimental pills, Stan makes astounding discoveries about the dream realm, however, he soon discovers that the pills have a catch. Overdoes can result in distortion of reality, yet the prescription requires the user to up the dosage by one pill each day…or was it every other day?

Love’s Death:

Avery is suicidal because Jasmine, his girlfriend, supposedly committed suicide three months ago. As Avery enters his Sophomore year of college, he is befriended by a student who calls himself John and after returning to his dorm, his roommate, Brady, tells him a painful truth about John that changes Avery’s perspective on Jasmine’s death and makes Avery question whether Jasmine killed herself or someone else killed her. When Avery looks closer at his copy of Jasmine’s suicide letter, he finds some rather disturbing revelations.

True Love Story:

Richter, a freshman at a University, goes through a tough break-up with his first girlfriend from a long-distance relationship. Christie, a freshman, has just broken out of a relationship with Joseph. With the influences of his roommate, and old friends, Richter jumps into a relationship with Christie after she gives him a Love Letter. In hopes of curing his bitter depression, Richter unknowingly finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life. After a few weeks however, Christie friend-zones Richter and he must learn to cope with this new-found heart break in order to discover who he really is. This story studies what Love can truly make a man do or become, whether it be family love or true love with a stranger.


  Two high-schoolers find themselves struggling more than most teenagers do. Joseph finds an interest in Christie at the high school, and his friend, Ben, convinces Joseph to take Christie to the Valentine’s dance. Christie and Joseph have a fair time, however, after Jason Benehu, a once popular kid, but now deformed and psychologically scarred from a car accident, comes to the school with a gun and a bomb, Joseph’s life changes radically and Christie relies on him for emotional support. Love is the one thing that keeps Joseph and Christie sane through the hardships they are forced to witness by a broken teenager.

I Am The Last:

  Life long story about the last man on earth. No wife, no kids, no one but materialistic things and nature. Would you rather have the whole world and be alone, or would you rather live with others?

The Unnamed:

  A scientist who has lost his loved one to some wretched mental illness is attempting a new approach to curing mental illness by keeping a man isolated in a blank room with no windows, just plain white walls and one door with a drawer for food and drink, but nothing else. A retired Dr. answers any questions this scientist has but also argues the moral that science can only go so far in its implications before it becomes something other than just helping people. One day the scientist comes up to the doctor with a bandage on his finger and when the doctor asks he explains how his patient..snipped at him.

Reality of Time:

  The government has fallen to experimenting with time travel in underground camps. Pills replace tasteful food and people are numbers. Test subject 117 is befriended by an old man from the times before, and it is test subject 117 that suggests they escape the facility.


  Four people wake up in a simulated world hiding the real truth. James, a cripple in a wheel chair from the war, Robert, a priest, Will, a teenager in high school, and Manuel, a street smart adolescent in a gang. Mike is the programmer. On their misconceived journey, they begin to discover who they really are.


  In a future with no religion or morals, a hobo and one vigilante, the last ones who hold onto their faith, attempt to rid the world of all corruption. In this world where religion is illegal and gas is non-existent, the remaining two keep their faith above conformity.


  Kyle, a man obsessed with helping others, frees a rape victim from the rapists apartment next door. The rape victim, Jennifer, begins to fall in love with Kyle as he begins to fall in love with stopping more heinous acts. Kyle’s nightly activities, however, come to a hold-up when he finds out Jennifer is pregnant with their child and Kyle begins to question himself for the first time.

Victus Mortus:

  A doctor visits the underground bunker of a tattoo shop where a few ‘zombies’ on different levels of bath salts are being stored in small animal cages for observation, but their brains are so far gone from the drugs that have been released in the nation’s water supply, that they cannot be cured.

The Farmer, Ed Gein:

  The true story of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Did Ed Gein murder his brother or was it really an accident during the brush fire?

Modern Messiah:

  Jesus comes back down to earth today, faith to be restored in a world of war, hunger, and hypocrisy.

The Island Called Alpha:

  Two college students attempt to ‘restart’ civilization on an uninhabited island. It does not pan out as they had hoped when they return nearly a decade later.

Wally World:

  A tragic shooting at Walmart causes Terri, a worker there, to enter a coma state, and his father, a SWAT member, to nearly lose his mind after the event. Terri’s friend, Jake, is still recovering from his first break up.

Floor Three:

Will has struggled with romance his whole life. Once he enters college, however, he finally catches break, but for a short time. His first girlfriend breaks up with him and after getting trapped in the elevator of his university where he works, he begins to rethink his whole life leading up to that moment.

I’m Not Crazy:

A teenager wakes up in a white room with a straight jacket with no knowledge of why he is in a mental institute. He begins to argue with his hallucinations, calling them fake, as if he is crazy, but aware of it.

We Are All Just Stories In The End:

  The retelling of my, Billy, and Jacob’s high school experience, all true stories. Depression, humanity, coping, and hope with friends.


  A young teenager, who lives with his aunt, stumbles upon a crashed alien rocket on their farm. He presses a button and it takes off with him in it while the aunt deals with and interrogates the alien with her shotgun back home in hopes of seeing her ‘son’ again.


  Dan loses his wife and son in after having a wreck involving a tragic collision with an 18-wheeler. Dan experiences a rare occurrence referred to as’ Anesthesia Awareness’, and upon awakening to realize his wife and son are dead, he falls into heavy depression and suicidal thoughts. After he has a near death experience in hell, he turns to Christianity.