Short Films

Loves Death

Avery became suicidal after his girlfriend, Jasmine, committed suicide three months ago. In his Sophomore year of college, he is befriended by a student who calls himself John and after returning to his dorm, his roommate, Brady, tells him a painful truth about John that changes Avery’s perspective on Jasmine’s death and makes Avery question whether Jasmine killed herself or someone else killed her. When Avery looks closer at his copy of Jasmine’s suicide letter, he finds some rather disturbing revelations.

Film Festival Project II

I’m Not Crazy

Kyle is thrown into an asylum but has no idea why. All the while he becomes more and more aware of what isn’t real as he challenges his hallucinations.

Lucere Somnio I and II

This film is loosely based on my Lucid Dream and OBE experiences. I tried to capture the sounds, visuals, and atmosphere of my dream experiences.

Changing objects, warped reflections, paradoxical events, and the creepy nightmare doll which follows full of symbolic meanings of dreams.

WARS: The Beginning

At one point before we filmed Captain America Begins, we were planning on making a full-length WARS film.


This is not about the Punisher, this is about how the Punisher earned his name to begin with. Sick of all the corruption and lies around him, Frank Castle fights with violence, but questions whether what he is doing is justifiable or not with the ever-longing memory of his deceased father who became a Catholic priest after his wife, Frank’s mother, died. All the while he goes by a simple rule: However many commandments the sinner breaks is how many bones he breaks in the sinner. As he tries to find himself he comes across three completely different people who shape him into the man he never knew he could become.

The Unnamed

A scientist who has lost his loved one to some wretched mental illness is attempting a new approach to curing mental illness by keeping a man isolated in a blank room with no windows, just plain white walls and one door with a drawer for food and drink, but nothing else. A retired Dr. answers any questions this scientist has but also argues the moral that science can only go so far in its implications before it becomes something other than just helping people. One day the scientist comes up to the doctor with a bandage on his finger and when the doctor asks he explains how his patient..snipped at him.

Captain America Ends

In the height of the Vietnam war Steve Rogers finds himself losing most of his men in the fight of his life, he fought in WWII and survived but can he find the strength to fight through Vietnam. Also, believe it or not, no Special Effects, besides filters, were added in this film.

Fallout: Retribution

Dan is searching for 100 bottle caps so Moriarty will give him information about his father’s location, Michael is dead, and Connor is wandering aimlessly unsure what to do.

World War Z

For my English II Project of 2012, we chose to do a movie for World War Z; This was filmed in 1 day and edited by me in over 7 days:
The war brought them there, away from their families and wives; the war against the Living Dead…Nelson, Captain Jame’s old friend, is searching in hope of finding his wife, who he hasn’t seen since he joined the war service. Searching for survivors they encounter many threats such as rebels, gangs, and even the living dead.


There’s a reason why we never ended up filming these scripts, but now we do it because we are bored.

History of Physics

For a Physics Project, this video is a Watchmen style interpretation of the History of Physics from Newton to Einstein. Telling how Newton came up with gravity with the falling apple, and why Einstein left Germany during the rise of Hitler.

Nineteen Minutes

This was my last English Project for my Senior Year. I had to make a Theatrical Trailer based on one of the novel’s we’ve read this year and I chose the novel ‘Nineteen Minutes’ by Jodi Picoult.

Freddy Vs. Jigsaw Vs. Jason (FJJ)

Three young teenage friends’ lives become three wanted serial killers lives after one of them, Jason Voorhees, drops a lit match at a gas station causing a devastating explosion killing many innocent lives. Freddy krueger is burned inside while Jason runs away and John Kramer stays.